3 classes of stakeholders

Make-up and role

1 – Strategic Investors

  • One or more individuals or companies

  • Committed to multi-year investment (3 to 5 years)

  • Define the investment charter (with OIO support):

    • Set typical targets

    • Set investment stakes (% of the equity and net amounts in pre-chosen categories)

    • Document exit strategy, cycle duration and expected return

2 – The innovative companies

  • Innovative companies, start-ups or ‘investees’

    • What do they do? – (presenting their activities)

    • Demonstrating development potential and level of ambition

    • Introducing their teams and human capital

      • Sources:  incubators, accelerators, personal networks, business angels, research centers, universities, local industry support set-ups (like Pôle de Compétitivité in France), events and exhibitions, partners,…

      • Deal sourcing geographies: France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Israel and APAC from Singapore

3 – OiO – The Facilitator
  • Identifies and evaluates potential targets

  • Engineers all introductions

  • Manages the equity investment process

  • Day-to-day follow-up following equity stake investment

  • Prepares and manages the exit