OIO’s value add

OIO Investments charter

  • 3-5 investment initiatives per year, split by phase:

    • 25% in “launch”

    • 50% in growth

    • 25% mature

  • Significant minority equity investments, typically 20-49 %

  • 3 exit strategy scenarios: M&A integration, 3rd  party involvement, IPO or sale

    • Operational integration into the investing  party identified on day 1: operational value add, new business model, technical or methods improvements.

    • New entrants with build potential at the financial roundtable – improving investment value without going to the stock exchange

    • Acquisition, resale or Initial Public Offering – for all or part of the equity stake

OIO Modus operandi

  • 3-5 year engagement

  • Funds engaged after Investment Committee (IC) green light

  • €5m in year 1 and up to €30m in year 3.